Social Media Posts

  • Social media posts about your Champions can be some of the most engaging things you'll share all year! Here are some tips to make the most of your social media post:

    • Whenever possible, include a photo or short video of the Champion you're recognizing when you post
    • If possible, tag the recipient in your post to reach more followers
    • Use the hashtag #KSChampion to show how important every honoree is to Kansas public schools


    Sample Facebook posts

    • We at {NAME} Schools can only be as strong as our community. Today we offer a special note of gratitude for the volunteers and others who are Champions for our students and Kansas public education! Your kindness and commitment make a happier today and lead to a brighter, more successful future for our students. Thank you!
    • Today USD {INSERT NUMBER HERE} is saying thank you to our volunteers! Please LIKE and SHARE to join in the salute to the men and women who give so generously of their time to improve our public schools. You are Champions for our children and the greater community. We appreciate you!
    • Please join our district is saying thank you the volunteers who so often go unnoticed by our community but never by our students. They make a difference in the lives of our students and teachers and support and elevate the learning and teaching process. The time these Champions give now will have an immeasurable affect on the future of our community and beyond. Well done, and thank you! 
    • Thank you, volunteers, for helping with centers, soliciting donations, supporting our teachers, and keeping our special events ticking. It takes a village to provide the best public education experience we can for our children, and we couldn't do it without your support. You are champions for our students. You make a difference! Please “share” and “like” to bring recognition to these local unsung heroes!


    Sample Tweets

    If possible, tag the recipient in the tweet and include a photo!

    • These people are CHAMPIONS for all of us at {NAME} Schools. Help us thank them for their support! #KSChampion
    • Join us in thanking the CHAMPIONS who support us and help make {NAME} Schools the very best! #KSChampion
    • {NAME} is a CHAMPION. Like or RT to help us thank him/her for making a difference in our school community! #KSChampion
    • Our schools are better with supporters like (John Jones). Thank you for being a CHAMPION for our schools! #KSChampion