• Dear Kansas Education Leader,

    More than ever before, education leaders in Kansas must channel our efforts to be tireless advocates for our students, our schools, and our communities – all while demands on Kansas districts increase in everything from student achievement to fiscal accountability.

    And this is why the Kansas School Public Relations Association is critical to our state’s public schools, and our state’s future. No matter the demographics of your school district – large or small, urban or rural, wealthy or poor -- high-quality, strategic communications programs will carry you, your board, your staff and your community through these challenging times.

    For decades, the KanSPRA board and our nearly 70 members have devoted ourselves to our mission to create an atmosphere of public trust and understanding by leading, counseling and influencing attitudes and behaviors in support of Kansas public education. Parent engagement, staff morale, community relationships, media relations, crisis communications and more – these efforts are what build trust within our systems and support within our communities.

    What do you get from a KanSPRA membership?

    • Ready support when you need it most. From a large-scale crisis to pesky rumor management, we want to help.
    • Resources for every conceivable need. Sample communications for state assessment scores, KCCR state standards, public health issues, advocacy, bond elections, the death of a student or staff member, personnel problems and so much more.
    • Professional development and support for whoever is an official communicator in your district. Our members are superintendents, board clerks, communications specialists and others.
    • A network of generous, supportive members across the state who are available, day or night, to help develop communications solutions to whatever problem you’re facing.

    Consider all we can do to make your work easier and more effective  – and then consider joining KanSPRA for just $40 a year. Visit www.kanspra.org, for to learn more about KanSPRA and our annual fall conference, which is the perfect chance to get to know us and engage in discussions about communications challenges and opportunities. (Mark your calendar for Oct. 27-28, 2016!)

    On behalf of the KanSPRA members across the state, we look forward to welcoming you as a member and helping you and your district navigate the ever-changing demands of school communications and district leadership.


    Dane Baxa
    President, Kansas School Public Relations Association
    Director of Community Relations, Goddard USD 265
    E: danebaxa@goddardusd.com