• KanSPRA Strategic Plan
    Approved October 2014

     Mission Statement:

    The Kansas School Public Relations Association is an advocate for the learning community. Our mission is to create an atmosphere of public trust and understanding by leading, counseling and influencing attitudes and behaviors in support of Kansas public education.

    We believe…

    ·        High-quality schools are fundamental to Kansas communities.

    ·        Honesty and integrity are essential to communications that build trust and understanding

    ·        Partnership and collaboration maximize effectiveness.

    ·        Visionary leadership promotes continuous growth.


    Maintain and increase confidence in Kansas Public Schools through strategic leadership.              

    • Promote best practices of school communications so that every Kansas district can cultivate a transparent and trusting relationship with stakeholder groups.
    • Partner with organizations that advocate for issues affecting Kansas schools at the state and local levels.
    • Advocate for stakeholder engagement around issues of great importance to the local school community.
    •  Help ensure coordinated, clear response to local or national tragedies or crises affecting Kansas school communities.
    • Be a leadership voice that demonstrates the value of strategic communications to education leaders.

    Strengthen the profession through member services and development that promote continuous growth.              

    • Provide members opportunities for meaningful professional growth.
    •  Encourage networking and sharing in regional meetings, workshops and annual conference.
    • Leverage technology tools to facilitate connections among members (in addition to face-to-face meetings).
    •  Promote participation in NSPRA continuing education opportunities.
    • Mentor new and prospective professionals to help foster an appreciation for best practices and opportunities within the field of school public relations.

    Market the benefits of KanSPRA membership.   

    • Showcase the benefits of membership in order to recruit new members.
    • Develop programs, activities and information that deliver value to existing members.          

    Each year in April, the KanSPRA board will develop an action plan for the following year's activities, based upon the elements of this strategic plan.     

     KanSPRA 2015-16 Action Plan - Approved July 2015