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KanSPRA Board Members

Below is the complete list of the 2017-18 KanSPRA officers, committee chairs, regional leaders and advisory group representatives. Thank you for your dedicated leadership in advancing public education in Kansas!


Dane Baxa – President
Julie Boyles – President Elect
Martin Weishaar – Past President
Maggie Kolb– Secretary
Committee Chairs
Candace Leduc – Membership/Recruitment
Misty Kruger – Communications/Social Media
Lori Buselt – Member Support
Marcus Batzell – Advocacy

Regional Vice Presidents

Kaela Williams – Northeast
Denise Kahler – North Central
Kimberly Koop – South Central
Yvonda Offerle – West

Advisory Groups

Kristin Magette – USA|Kansas
Carol Pitts – Kansas Association of School Boards
Jake Potter - Superintendent Liaison